The Hopkins Code

Claude C. Hopkins

Lost Treasures of Claude C. Hopkins,
the World’s Greatest Copywriter

And the Un-revealed SECRET to Why Hopkins Was So Successful at Getting Massive Results from His Advertising…

Revealed NOW After More Than 100 years!!!

All top marketers know who Claude C. Hopkins is. They have read and applied the techniques from his two famous books, “Scientific Advertising” and “My Life in Advertising.” Or, copied someone who did.

Many of the effective conversion tactics on the net were created by Hopkins many years ago…long before there ever was such a thing as the Internet or even television. Heck commercial radio hadn’t even gotten started until after he died.

But when the net came along, copywriters and others looked to direct response for strategies to produce results.

And they quickly adopted Hopkins’ principles because they worked. They worked in all direct response media, like mail order, direct response TV/radio, and direct mail. And now they work on the Internet.

By applying these strategies to the Internet, also a direct response medium, marketers are able to produce an explosion of effective sales and tons of profits. And they are able to do it in much less time than anyone had dreamed possible.

All marketers (not just Internet marketers but all marketers) thought they knew why Hopkins was so successful. They thought they knew all of his principles because of what he revealed in those two books.

But they were WRONG!

All of Hopkins’ principles had NOT yet been revealed in those two books or any of his books for that matter.

Claude Hopkins kept his best secrets to himself.

Well, almost.

It turns out he revealed his most closely guarded secrets in a little known interview that everyone had overlooked until I and my team of crack researchers were able to find it.

Those secrets had been lying dormant for more than 100 years.

And here…on this very page… I will REVEAL ONE of those SECRETS, this one:

WHY Claude C. Hopkins was so successful in getting MASSIVE RESULTS from his advertising¬† and WHY every ad he approved (even though he didn’t write it) got equally massive results

At one of my most recent Internet Marketing SuperConferences, a 4-day event in Las Vegas, I gave a special presentation that revealed his other most valued secrets for the first time..

It was a CLOSED DOOR session and EVERYONE (including hotel staff) had to sign a non-disclosure agreement… or get out of the room.

And until now, no one else has privy to those techniques. It is only now that I have decided to reveal this information to anyone other than the people in that room and a very few close friends/marketers.

But only for a limited time.

At the end of this page I will give you a limited opportunity to get this valuable information. It will give you an unfair advantage over other marketers. It will not be cheap. But it will be worth many times what I am asking you to pay for it…

AND you will have to sign a non-disclosure agreement, just like everyone else.

If those conditions and the price are not to your liking, do NOT buy it.

In addition, what I am releasing to the public here on this page (WITHOUT any non-disclosure and completely FREE) is:

The SECRET to why Claude C. Hopkins got such MASSIVE RESULTS from his advertising and all the advertising he approved.

Yes, it will be revealed right here on this page for FREE and without conditions.

But first, I’d like to tell you how I came across all of these overlooked techniques.

Here’s the story…

While reading “The Mirror Makers” by Stephen Fox, a book about the history of advertising, I came across the following passage on page 56:

“At the office he [ed., Claude Hopkins] had fifteen points to look for in good copy, each listed on a separate slip of paper. During the day he tacked them to the wall over his desk, a catechism for his constant guidance, and took them down every night.”

As a copywriter I was intrigued.

Why did Hopkins put them up at the beginning of the day and take them down every night?

And what were these 15 points?

Here is the world’s greatest copywriter, the father of modern advertising copy and wouldn’t every copywriter, indeed everyone who wants results from their copy, like to know what they were?

I was sure that I wanted to know.

Checking the citations in the back of the book led to a clue. This information had come from an article in the October 17, 1938 issue of Advertising Age.

I, along with my team of researchers were on it. We tracked down the issue in microfiche at a big metropolitan library. I can remember getting the fax of the article back on August 25, 1993 Wednesday at 10:36 am. I quickly read through the article, only to be disappointed that the fifteen points were not there.

Here’s what the article said:

“Mr. Hopkins had 15 points…Nor was Mr. Hopkins content to merely sample and file his 15 points…Instead, he listed each on a separate piece of paper, tacked them all above his desk each day and took them down at night. The business of putting them up each morning served to keep them constantly in his mind throughout the day.”

And THAT was the clue that led to the secret to his success. I’ll explain further but first; the rest of the story…

The 15 points were still elusive. So, I put my crack team of experts on it. They contacted the Hopkins family, who knew nothing about them.

They contacted Foote, Cone & Belding, the advertising agency that survived Lord & Thomas, the agency that Hopkins worked for (one of the top ad agencies of it’s time). They knew nothing of it, despite their head archivist searching through their entire archive.

The team even contacted the Bissel company, knowing that Mr. Hopkins worked for them previous to Lord & Thomas.

And everywhere we looked we came up with the same answer:

No one knew what those 15 points were.
Finally, we just gave up.

Then, one day while researching something entirely different, one of the team came across an obscure document which turned out to be an interview with Mr. Hopkins in which he not only revealed the points (he called them “laws”) but also explained each one.

And during my presentation at this Internet Marketing SuperConference, I revealed those laws for the first time in over 80 years. Actual ads were used to illustrate the laws and familiarize everyone with all the points Claude Hopkins used when he evaluated copy.

A sample from this rare document
in the words of Claude Hopkins himself:

“It took me over twenty years to tabulate those copy laws.

“I spend a few minutes every day studying them — so that my day’s work will be solidly built on the foundation of two decades of experience at copywriting. The piece of copy that diverges from those laws has lost in selling force.

“I know that fact from experience.

“Those laws apply to dealer propositions, to mail order copy, to dealer promotion work — to any copy that I have ever written and I doubt if there is any class of copy that I haven’t written.

“You see…I had them set in type and they are hung on the wall over my desk. Before I commence the day’s work, I refresh my mind with them. After I have finished an advertisement and made the layout I test it by those laws.

“If the copy and layout does not live up to those tests, then into the waste-basket it goes and another ad is prepared.”

And in that last sentence we discover the secret that I promised to reveal to you here. The reason why Hopkins was so successful, not only with his ads but with the ones he approved, was because he used those LAWS to EVALUATE all the copy he was responsible for.

If it did not pass his test, he would not approve it…into the waste basket it went!

(As an aside, remember how Gary Halbert used to say that America sorted their mail over the waste basket? — shades of Claude Hopkins).

And if it DID pass those tests, it would go on to produce massive results.

Wouldn’t you like to get your hand on those?

Think of what it would mean to your results.

Well, in just a bit I’m going to show you exactly how to get a complete course that not only reveals all those principles but also shows you, in a presentation, examples of how to use them (spoiler alert: there were actually 16 not 15…one of the reasons it took so long to find).

In this presentation I explain the laws, one by one.

Grasp the value of this document. Here is the world’s greatest copywriter revealing for the one and only time:

His Most Secret Weapon

Although Hopkins wrote several books and articles, this is the only time he revealed any of these laws. Yes, not even in his seminal work, “Scientific Advertising” did he reveal these laws. Not even in his autobiography, “My Life In Advertising.”

And now, for the first time ever, you will know these laws in intimate detail, just as Hopkins explained them to his interviewer. And beyond that, you will also get specific illustrations of each, carefully prepared by me.

Are Claude Hopkins’ laws still valid today?

Actually, many of the Internet’s most effective techniques are based upon Mr. Hopkins’ principles. Introduced by copywriters who studied his works, they brought these principles to the Internet and guess what? They are still as effective today as they were in Hopkins’ day. Actually, they are even MORE effective because the results are much faster.

For example, Claude Hopkins started giving away free samples in the early part of the 1900’s. It became a standard advertising practice after that and is highly used today, including on the Internet.

Claude pointed to the value of headlines. He was the first to show us that “the more you tell, the more you sell.”

Claude started using coupons to stimulate sales, a technique still used today, including the Internet. And the list goes on and on.

But, remember, his most valued secrets…the ones he held closest to his chest have, by and large, been totally ignored…because no one knew about them.

This could well be the most valuable presentation of your life because it gives you AN EDGE over anyone else who doesn’t know about them.

But there’s one thing you should know before you buy this course:

You Must Agree To a
non-disclosure agreement

That included the seminar staff, speakers, hotel staff…everyone. No one was allowed to have this course without agreeing to our non-disclosure agreement. There will be no exceptions.

That’s how valuable this information is.

This protects the value of the knowledge you receive by insuring that it doesn’t propagate promiscuously.

Yes, those who have this course will have an unfair advantage over others by knowing these laws.

Limited Distribution
You May Never Get Another Chance

I sat on this information for 15 years before I secretly released it to only 103 people at one of my closed door presentations. This is the first time, more than 10 years later, that I’m releasing it since then. Who knows when, if ever, I’ll release it again.

I’m only releasing it to 100 people this time. After that, it goes back into the vault for…who knows how long? Maybe forever. And only those 100 new people will have the SECRETS that made Claude Hopkins so famous…that got him such MASSIVE RESULTS.

I should probably charge $1000.00 or more for this. Any marketer worth his salt should easily be able to apply these strategies and make many, many times that much. (Anyone who sits on this and doesn’t cash in on it should probably pay a lot more LOL).

And $500.00 wouldn’t be out of the question. It’s certainly worth a lot more. But, I’d like to reward the people who realize the value of these SECRETS, so I’m only charging $197. It’s a small price to pay for the keys to the kingdom of the world’s greatest copywriter and the father of scientific advertising.


As a result of my team’s research, they’ve also come up with other books and articles written by Claude Hopkins and which have not been revealed since their creation over 80 years ago. Although these publications do not reveal his laws, they have many other valuable insights and knowledge that you can profit from.

Perhaps you might even discover something in them that we’ve overlooked. It’s quite a treasure chest of possibilities.

The first bonus is a book that has been called “Claude Hopkins’ Secret Third Book.” It’s called: “Safe Advertising.” Back in 2011 two smart marketers sold this book one time only as a special birthday release. They sold it for $47.00.

ADDITIONAL BONUS: Before discovering the document with these principles, I reasoned that they must surely be discussed in “Scientific Advertising” and/or “My Life In Advertising.” So, I went through both of these books and pulled out what I thought were the most important principles and, therefore, the ones that comprised the list of points. After finding the actual points, I discovered I was wrong. None of the Hopkins’ laws were covered in either of those books. However, when discussing this with world famous copywriter, Harlan Kilstein, Harlan insisted that my version be included because they so aptly summarize the best principles presented in those two classic books. So, at Harlan’s request, you will also be getting my version of the points.